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Top Snda Membrane Industry Co., Ltd.

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The highly demanding world of fashion asks for better and better surface finishing on genuine leather, simulated leather and textile fabric, and that is why we manufacture a wide range of transfer film.
Meticulously crafted, our heat transfer film works perfectly with both genuine leather and simulated leather, and its resin particles will be transferred onto the surface of leather via hot pressing, thus delivering snakeskin pattern, animal skin pattern and other patterns to shoes, bags, suitcases, clothes.
With rich experience in leather & textile finishing industry, we can supply a number of leather transfer film and textile transfer film for clothing manufacturers. As for film pattern, there are over 2000 choices in our collection, and custom pattern is provided upon request.
We are a professional leather transfer film manufacturer and provider in China, and our thermoplastic film comes with a variety of colors and patterns, including animal skin pattern, flower pattern, fantasy pattern, geometric pattern and so on. To better meet customer requirements, custom pattern is also available.
People want their shoes to be more and more fashionable/comfortable all the time, and that is why heat transfer film is widely used. Now, we have more than 2000 pattern options for customers to choose from, and custom design is also accepted.
    As a dedicated heat transfer film provider in China, Top Snda masters leading-edge design capability and production technology, thus enabling us to fabricate transfer foil with different colors and patterns. Moreover, these thermoplastic films are ecological since solvent and plasticizer are not involved during use, and they are subjected to rigorous quality checks to ensure that there is no defect.

    Owing to these, our high gloss transfer film is widely used to bring unique tastes to shoes, bags, suitcases, clothes and other products.