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Transfer Film
(Leather Finishing)
Crystal Film / Crystal Foil Crystal film, also known as crystal foil, is a kind of thermoplastic films composed of carrier film and thermoplastic resin, and it has various patterns. With the help of a roto press or a flatbed press, the abovementioned thermoplastic resin is transferred to leather, creating excellent gloss on the surface. Moreover, these leather products could be further processed to gain matt finish, decorative pattern (using lacquer films) or metallized effect (using metallic foils).

To show the final result of heat transfer film, we have set up a gallery, and here are some application cases. For example, by using the same crystal film but different lacquers, several decorative effects are obtained, and this also means that the gloss of our leather transfer film matches perfectly with lacquers. Top Snda is a prominent leather transfer film and textile transfer film manufacturer in China. Our crystal film has a height of up to 180cm, and its pattern is either customized or selected from our collection.

Model List of Crystal Film / Crystal Foil
As a leather beautification expert in China, Top Snda provides worldwide customers with a broad range of transfer film for leather finishing. Due to our excellent production capacity, these thermoplastic films/crystal films may come with customized patterns and colors if requested. If you are interested in leather transfer film, please refer to corresponding pages to see what kind of colors and patterns we can offer.